The page is a quick reference for contact information for our whole staff. People visit our page “The STEAD Team” page for more detailed information about amazing member of our team! 

Name Email Department
Amie Weldy Principal
Alexis Walker Office Manager
Michelle Oray Office Manager
Christian Holmes Technology
Geoff Rice Student Support
Alicia Hudson Student Support
Mario Padilla Student Support
Eli Cheung Office Aide / Substitute
Ryan Pearse ELA
Annabel Parker ELA
Kate Miller ELA
Brandt Wintzen Mathematics
Ed King Mathematics
Danny Williams Mathematics
Hannah Wallace Science
Weather Gardner Science
Alex D’Amore-Braver Science
Justin Mercer Social Studies
John Paul Sullivan Social Studies
Katya Thronweber Social Studies
Tyler Schindler Ag/CTE
Manny Catala Ag/CTE
Dain Holland Farm & Food
Kaitlyn Gilham Art
Halie Padilla Music
Molly Tun Foreign Language
Matthew Guglielmo Athletics
Naj’la Stokes Athletics
Candace Cheung Partnerships
Lani Ingram Recruitment and Communications