Now that the school year is officially in session and schedules are starting to normalize a little in a not-so-normal year, the STEAD school will be hosting informational and enrollment orientation sessions. These one hour events will begin this Monday 9/21 and continue every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month through February. All sessions will be streamed virtually, AND while the weather holds out we will try and give a go for some small in-person gatherings outside the Reunion Rec Center barn.

This is your chance to come hear more, bring a friend who wants to learn about STEAD, and find out the next steps toward enrollment application at the end of the semester (our enrollment window will open December 1st). If you are already planning to apply, these sessions will count as the required orientation for the application process.

Kevin Denton, our Founding Principal will present for about a half an hour and then the last half-hour will be open for Q&A. So much excitement is building for this new high school and we want folks to have as much accurate information as possible as the year goes along. The beginning of each presentation will have a few minutes of current updates so feel free to tune in to more than one session to stay informed.

Please use the button below to RSVP and choose a date/time that works for you. This will record your participation in the event that an enrollment application is in the future for your family.


On behalf of the STEAD school design team and governing board, we hope to see you soon!

The STEAD Team