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The STEAD School is hiring for the position of Founding Office Manager at The STEAD School!  What does the role of Founding Office Manager look like at The STEAD School?  Well, as with everything at STEAD, the Founding Office Manager will accomplish traditional work in a not-so-traditional environment.  The STEAD School is all about innovation and community and every member of the STEAD team is culture-builder, relationship-builder, multiple-hat wearer, and a rare, passionate unicorn who embodies the nobility of founding a school based on community.

What is the STEAD School?

The STEAD School is… 

  • A community of people who consider themselves stewards of their environment. Through our work and studies, we aim to address complex food, health, environmental, and energy challenges that face the state, the nation, and the planet. We are pioneers (not settlers) and adventurer-seekers building an out-of-the-box high school! You will be part of an educational movement and community that tackles education with meaning, purposeful work,  interconnectedness, and heads, hearts, and hands.
  • A public, independent, 5 day-per-week charter school located in Reunion, serving a diverse demographic of students from all corners of the urban, sub-urban, rural communities of Northeastern Denver Metro, Brighton, Commerce City and greater Adams County
  • A problem-driven, project-based curricular model committed to a competency-based  personalized learning philosophy that believes every kid can reach proficiency. • A marriage between Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, and Design within a well rounded, expansive and enriching family of creative, physical, artistic, musical, literary, and  athletic pursuits.
  • A small school with BIG vision. Small class sizes with BIG ideas. Small on “schooling,” BIG on  “learning.”

Who we are looking for

The STEAD School is looking for an Office Manager who also happens to be an adolescent-Jedi. These are experts in the Office Manager roles described below and people who are also experts in shoring up the potential of young people until they can carry it fully for themselves into the future. Does such a Jedi exist? They do. We’ve seen them, we’ve worked with them. We’re searching for them. Is it you?

Ideal candidates must have a reverence for the adolescent. In addition, ideal candidates must betrustworthy, innately-driven collaborators, have integrity, grit, conviction, a thirst for learning, a love for humanity, and a desire to share a mutual respect with adolescents. Ideal candidates model humility,  healthy relationships and healthy risk-taking. The ideal candidate has great ideas, knows how to G.S.D., and has a desire to get dirty and wear boots to work. The ideal Founding Office Manager must  be as much fun as they are professional!

What you will do as a Founding Office Manager:

The Office Manager fulfills the operational functions of the school, and is responsible for managing the non-instructional operations tasks and projects  under supervision of the principal. The successful Office Manager uses their resourcefulness, organizational skills and tenacity to manage the following below primary responsibilities. This position drives the critical financial and operational activities to ensure both the sustained fiscal health and the operational and compliance-related health of STEAD and direct its financial, human resources, facility operations, and school fundraising accounting. The Office Manager will liaise with STEAD’s back office support provider Minga Education’s business manager.




  • Support the development and monitoring of the school budget with the principal and the back-office provider business manager
  • Assist in the development of annual budget and 5-year budget with the principal and back-office provider business manager
  • Identify and act on opportunities for raising funds and securing resources for the school to include partnerships with community organizations, foundations, government agencies and businesses
  • Ensure that all required information for purchases, deposits and invoices are entered into Quickbooks in a timely and accurate manner
  • Manage and ledger extra funds from each classroom on a quarterly basis, deposit and track on teacher budget
  • Maintain and track all classroom expenses and departmental expenses as well as building licensing, supplies, fundraising, and incidental expenses
  • Maintain a balance sheet and report coordination for grants
  • Maintain and track petty cash fund
  • Track all fundraising and coordinate requests with staff for disbursement
  • Assist with collection of funds received from teachers for field trips and coordinate payment to vendor if necessary
  • Deposit all funds received into The STEAD School’s bank account.
  • Procurement/Accounts payable—process and verify all vouchers submitted to SD27J against query report pulled from SD27J
  • Process all invoices
  • Track and collect payments on a monthly basis
  • Process all school fees from students. Track and collect payments on a quarterly basis
  • Track and monitor FRLP payment information on a monthly basis
  • Attend district trainings pertaining to financial management
  • Prepare annual worker’s compensation audit
  • Meet with insurance agents annually to renew all insurance coverage including worker’s compensation and liability insurance
  • Liaison with SD27J’s accounting department
  • Continuously identify cost reduction strategies on all areas of the school
  • Report to the principal and the back-officer provider business manager on all financial information
  • Ensure that the appropriate financial information is published on the school website to comply with Financial Transparency requirements within the scope of the school’s charter contract
  • Place supply and/or project material orders for teachers, track receiving, and subtract from teachers’ budgets
  • Order buses for field trips and calculate cost per student for teachers
  • Liaise with back office support provider for accounts payable

Contract Management

  • Monitor the performance of major vendors, including food service providers
  • Ensure that all services are provided in a manner that reflects high quality and full compliance with contract terms
  • Develop and implement required corrective actions when vendors fail to perform
  • Negotiate and oversee local level contracts to ensure compliance and quality, including school nurse and school insurance

Human Resources

  • Maintain all personnel files in accordance with state and regulatory requirements including new hires, terminations, and any staff changes
  • Coordinate new hire processing with back office support provider and staff members. Ensure that all new hire documentation is submitted to the appropriate parties in a timely manner
  • Conduct reference checks on all non-academic staff
  • Main contact for all staff questions relating to benefits, payroll, and other issues
  • Track all staff absences (sick and personal leave) and teacher in-service days for entire school
  • Ensure the timely and accurate reporting of timesheets in accordance with payroll schedule
  • Be point of contact for all staff absences and hire substitutes to fill positions for all employees
  • Track all staff licensing and support with renewals as needed


  • Ensure compliance with all aspects of state and federal law, board policies and procedures, and compliance requirements of SD27J
  • File all required reports with local, state and federal education agencies, Board and SD27J
  • Be familiar with school law, including the implications on the educational program and on liability. Keep abreast of developments and consult with the board members in times of uncertainty
  • Oversee and ensure compliance with organizational and data submissions to SD27J
  • Communicate policy recommendations for the Board’s consideration and action

Administrative Support

  • Primary backup support for principal and administrative assistant with general administrative support to all staff and with greeting parents and/or visitors
  • Provide administrative support to the principal on initiatives that support the vision and mission of the school as defined by the principal
  • Oversee food services at the school, including FRPL eligibility, liasing with sponsor School Food Service Authority and Food Service Management Service (vendor)

Facilities and Safety

  • Develop, with the school leadership team, The Emergency Response Plan and ensure its effective implementation by all staff and students
  • Oversee and coordinate facility maintenance and care with the principal and contractors as needed
  • Train and assist staff with workplace safety
  • Coordinate rental contracts
  • Conduct annual classroom and office inventory audit
  • Create and coordinate Request for Proposals (RFP’s) for facility services

Technology Support

  • Provide first line of support for technology questions and problems
  • Oversee and manage the use of technology throughout The STEAD School via Minga Education Group
  • Oversee and develop IT plan in order to use technology effectively for administrative, instructional and communications functions
  • Liaise with SD27J’s accountability offices to set up access to Infinite Campus and all reporting data management systems for day to day use and during testing times of the school year

Required Skills and Experience:

To qualify, the candidate will have any combination of experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities to successfully carry out the responsibilities of this position. The preferred candidate would have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, public or business administration and effective parent and student communication that supports and upholds the culture of the school.

Desired Skills and Experience:

The ideal candidate will be well-versed in all business matters. S/he will be a competent leader able to provide guidance that enhances performance in a manner that incorporates STEAD’s vision, mission, and culture. The candidate will be a strategic thought partner with the principal on all matters financial, human resources, and school administration related. The candidate will have first aid or nursing experience.  The preferred candidate will be bilingual English/Spanish, experienced with Quickbooks, and have familiarity with the Colorado Department of Education Chart of Accounts.

Special Requirements and Logistics:

  • Department of Justice clearance
  • Position Reports to: Principal
  • Position Supports: Board Finance Committee (Business Operations)
  • Location: The STEAD School, Homestead Trail, Commerce City, CO 80022
  • Full- time or possible part-time (job share)
  • Start date: April 1, 2021

Think you want to join us?

As a project-based learning environment that seeks to inspire a community of leaders to be creative  and find meaning in their work, we invite you to take the first step in the application process by sending the below information to

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • A one-page response to the following question: Based on your experience and what you’ve read from the job description and STEAD’s website, please describe a “day in the life” of yourself as STEAD’s Founding Office Manger on a typical Monday

Application deadline:

This is a first-come, first-conversation, process that opens in March and closes when The STEAD School has hired their amazing Founding Office Manager Jedi (hopefully by April)! As such, the sooner you let us know you are out there (because, we know you’re out there), the sooner we get to meet you and learn more if we have a perfect fit.

This is why you will want to stay here inSTEAD!

Shared leadership and an environment where the people are valued for who they are, their passions, dreams and future goals, and where the strengths they bring to their work are celebrated. A place where trust and integrity aren’t a premium, they’re the norm. A place where humble appreciation for  growth and improvement drives everything we do. Where your colleagues and purposeful work uplift  you. Where you’ll want to stay for a long, long time.

We know what it means to be a founder, a pioneer, and a high-quality Office Manager. And that’s why we take care of each other. Some of the things you can expect as you make this your work.

The STEAD School offers generous compensation and benefits and a yearly contribution to your  retirement plan. The salary range for this position is commensurate with experience. Additionally, we offer…

  • A salary range between $45,000 to $60,000
  • 5% discount on any new home-build with Oakwood Homes (that’s 5% of instant equity and amounts to tens of thousands of dollars off a new home!)
  • 1-3% of salary annual cost of living increase (based on budget) with up to double the standard for high performance
  • Up to $5K bonus over 3 years for founding team to invest the extra time necessary to start a school through planning, teaming and building
  • Annual reimbursable wellness funds for anything you think will make you well! (A bike, yoga classes, a gym membership… anything!)
  • Cutting-edge professional development that will fill your cup, and your craft
  • An epic summer retreat in the mountains to launch our work together
  • Free lunch, coffee, fun and laughs in our Founding Family Room

PDF Job Description: Office Manager Job Description 030221

If this describes you, we would love for you to work with us at STEAD! 

Please reach out and share your project at