On Thursday, January 27th the co-founders of the STEAD School were officially awarded the Colorado Civic Medal for Growth and Innovation. Governor Polis selected the STEAD school for this award due its innovation approach to education and dedication to the future-ready, next-generation agriculturally-grounded education offered here.


More information about the award is as follows:

“Growth and Innovation AwardAmy Schwartz and Kelly Leid, Founders of the STEAD School 

Entrepreneurs or business leaders lead with exceptional ingenuity and growth while inspiring and creating new possibilities for others. 

In 2021, Amy Schwartz and Kelly Leid founded the STEAD School in Commerce City. Located on a 10-acre campus, the small high school is focused on continuing the metro area’s agricultural legacy through an active, hands-on STEM perspective. “STEAD,” an acronym for: Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, and Design; offers students an alternative to traditional classroom learning and prepares them for a future in agriculture by embracing emerging technologies and project based learning. In a state where agriculture is a large contributor to the economy and supports 195,000 jobs, preparing the next generation of Coloradans for a career in agriculture has a valuable impact for our state.”