This is why you got into education!

The STEAD School isn’t looking for folks satisfied with the traditional “teacher” role. InSTEAD, we are looking for culture-builders, relationship-builders, multiple-hat wearers, and those rare,  passionate unicorns who embody the nobility of the teaching profession. Whether you call yourself a teacher, a Renaissance-ucator or an edu-preneur, the STEAD School is looking for  “Founding Guides” who want to co-create and co-vision side-by-side in partnership with both  adults and adolescents.

What is the STEAD School?

The STEAD School is… 

  • A community of people who consider themselves stewards of their environment. Through our work and studies, we aim to address complex food, health, environmental, and energy challenges that face the state, the nation, and the planet. We are pioneers (not settlers) and adventurer-seekers building an out-of-the-box high school! You will be part of an educational movement and community that tackles education with meaning, purposeful work,  interconnectedness, and heads, hearts, and hands.
  • A public, independent, 5 day-per-week charter school located in Reunion, serving a diverse demographic of students from all corners of the urban, sub-urban, rural communities of Northeastern Denver Metro, Brighton, Commerce City and greater Adams County
  • A problem-driven, project-based curricular model committed to a competency-based  personalized learning philosophy that believes every kid can reach proficiency. • A marriage between Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, and Design within a well rounded, expansive and enriching family of creative, physical, artistic, musical, literary, and  athletic pursuits.
  • A small school with BIG vision. Small class sizes with BIG ideas. Small on “schooling,” BIG on  “learning.”

Who we are looking for

The STEAD School is looking to hire adolescent-Jedi educators in all subject areas (math, science,  social studies, English language arts, Art, Music, Foreign Language, Special Education) with the desire  to equally, a)teach their “speciality,” b) share their talents & interests in other subjects, AND c)embrace  the responsibility of a “generalist educator,” by fostering the social and emotional health of  adolescents. These are experts in shoring up the potential of young people until they can carry it fully  for themselves into a future where they can realize the best version of who they were meant to  be. Does such a Jedi exist? They do. We’ve seen them, we’ve worked with them. We’re searching  for them. Is it you?

Ideal candidates must have a reverence for the adolescent. In addition, ideal candidates must be  trustworthy, innately-driven collaborators, have integrity, grit, conviction, a thirst for learning, a love for  humanity, and a desire to share a mutual respect with adolescents. Ideal candidates model humility,  healthy relationships and healthy risk-taking. The ideal candidate has great ideas, knows how to  G.S.D., and has a desire to get dirty and wear boots to work. The ideal STEAD Founding Guide must  be as much fun as they are professional!

Think you want to join us?

As a project-based learning environment that seeks to inspire a community of leaders to be creative  and find meaning in their work, we invite you to take the first step in the hiring process by creating a  project that you can share with our growing team.

Your project driving questions (choose one or both)

  1. Who are you as a person, a learner and an educator that gets below the surface of your  resume? (Although we want to see that too!)
  2. What would the application of your educational philosophy look like from the perspective of a  student or parent experience?

Your project guidelines and parameters: This is up to you. Answer the question(s) in any way you  see fit, that you feel helps you communicate in the most authentic way who you truly are. You could choose to tell us your story, what brings you to your work, your pet peeves, what makes  you tired, what makes you want to work til midnight, things you love to do for fun, a funny story of  something that happened at school, something great you observed, what you are still learning about,  what brought you to start this process, and/or how your students would describe you. You could  share a day-in-the-life in your ideal learning environment from the perspective of a student and/or  parent. You could share your idea through some form of creativity (timeline, video, comic strip,  etc.) You can be as creative as you wish and your response can be in whatever form you feel is  suitable (written, video, slide show, script, sculpture, phone conversation, etc). The only  requirements are that you share who you are, your educational philosophy, and why you are  interested in The STEAD School. This doesn’t have to be more polished or stressful than it is  authentically you. This whole process is about fit and we want a genuine and authentic fit both for  you and with you.

Your project deadline: This is a first-come, first-conversation, process that opens on January 7th and  closes when The STEAD School is being led by a complete Founding Dream Team. (hopefully by  the end of March!) As such, the sooner you let us know you are out there (because, we know you’re  out there), the sooner we get to meet you and learn more if we have a perfect fit.

This is why you will want to stay here inSTEAD!

Shared leadership and an environment where the people and profession of teaching is honored and  valued. A place where people are valued for who they are now, where their passions, dreams and  future goals are leading them, and where the strengths they bring to their work are celebrated. A place  where trust and integrity aren’t a premium, they’re the norm. A place where humble appreciation for  growth and improvement drives everything we do. Where your colleagues and purposeful work uplift  you. Where you’ll want to stay for a long, long time.

We know what it means to be a founder, a pioneer, and a high-quality educator. And that’s why we  take care of each other. Some of the things you can expect as you make this your life’s work:

The STEAD School offers generous compensation and benefits and a yearly contribution to your  retirement plan. The salary range for this position is commensurate with experience. Additionally, we  offer…

  • A salary range with the highest average salary in Adams County charter schools (currently $47K in 2020).
  • 5% discount on any new home-build with Oakwood Homes (that’s 5% of instant equity and amounts to  tens of thousands of dollars off a new home!)
  • 1-3% of salary annual cost of living increase (based on budget) with up to double the standard for high  performance.
  • Up to $5K bonus over 3 years for founding team to invest the extra time necessary to start a school  through planning, teaming and building.
  • Annual reimbursable wellness funds for anything you think will make you well! (A bike, yoga classes, a  gym membership… anything!)
  • A ridiculous amount of relevant, cutting-edge professional development that will fill your cup, and your  craft.
  • An epic summer retreat in the mountains to launch our work together.
  • Free lunch, coffee, fun and laughs in our Founding Family Room.
  • Coaching and summer work opportunities (summer programming, farm management) with additional  stipends for those interested.

If this describes you, we would love for you to work with us at STEAD! 

Please reach out and share your project at